01mei 2021

PANEMA now on Slack

The Pan-African Nematology Network (PANEMA) can now be found on Slack ( This intracontinental networking platform was created to address the lack of connection and accessibility amongst various African professionals and trainees in nematology. It is the first step in building a collaborative network of nematologists across Africa.

PANEMA aims to promote professional collaboration and support across the continent, encourages innovation and exchanges of nematology research and will provide information on workshops, conferences and other events in Africa and beyond. The PANEMA Slack was developed in March 2021 by African nematologists for African nematologists, in collaboration with the NEMEDUSSA coordinator, UGent. Nematologists, agronomists and agriculturists working In Africa are invited to join the PANEMA Slack platform.

To join the Slack, follow the instructions on the invitation and send an email to:

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