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01oktober 2021

1st PANEMA workshop 23-25/2/2022

09h00 EAT | Eldoret, Kenya

The 1st Pan-African Nematology Network workshop will take place in Eldoret, Kenya for 3 days and is hosted by Moi University.

The workshop is intended for staff/students from universities, and staff working in agricultural extension with keen interest in the discipline of nematology. We aim to have a good balance between seminars and hands-on practice.

General programme:

  1. DAY 1: Sharing good practices in nematology education with 3 parallel session on:
    • Innovative and activating learning tools (session intended for training facilitators):
      • Introduction, testing and feedback on BSc modules in nematology: e-books
      • Wooclap and Camtasia training by Prof. dr. Laura Cortada
    • Student survival kit in nematology: shaping nematology educational tools and seminars on employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, and tips & tricks for publications
      • Introduction, testing and feedback on BSc modules in nematology: e-books
      • Intro to R (statistics) – pre-course work required! by dr. Misghina Goitom Teklu (WUR)
      • How to publish? by Prof. dr. Roland Perry
      • Sessions on employment opportunities/entrepreneurship (to be confirmed)
    • Creating Nematode Awareness through training (intended for staff working in agricultural extension) by CABI Kenya
      • Bridging the gap: are we reaching the farmer? by Prof. dr. Danny Coyne
      • Understanding farmer and extension service provider’s opinions (perceptions) about the impact of nematodes and their influence in crop production
      • A public and private sector review (validation) of the CABI nematology curriculum
  2. DAY 2: From the field to the lab and back: Dating the Nematologist:
    • Opportunities to speak one-on-one to nematology experts
    • CABI book presentation and discussion on Integrated Nematology Management by Prof. dr. em. Richard Sikora
    • Parallel sessions with workshops and demonstrations:
      • Introductory statistics using R for applied nematology – by dr. Misghina Goitom Teklu (WUR): pre-course work required!
      • Molecular toolbox: DNA extraction, PCR and gel – by Minne Declercq (VIB): pre-course work required!
      • Identitifcation of 5 most important PPN (genus level) – by Prof. dr. Wim Bert (UG): pre-course work required!
      • EPN sampling, trapping, harvesting, storage,… – by Prof. dr. Antoinette Malan (SUN): pre-course work required!
      • EPN application in the field – by Beth Waweru (Moi U)
      • CABI: Putting nematological research into use via CABI digital tools and knowledge platforms
  3. DAY 3: Research, training and dissemination in Nematology:
    • Social media platforms: powerful tools to interact and disseminate information
    • Presentations on the topic Enhancing root and soil health through training, research and dissemination of information
    • Pitch talks by students on their research
    • Recreational event including dinner and the award of several small and large prizes (from goodies to nematology books to a fully sponsored training in nematology)

The workshop is for free, but registration is required. Click here when registration starts from 1 October 2021.

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