The Nemedussa project aims to open up the field of nematology and increase knowledge of and interest in this fascinating and under-explored area of study. As nematodes have a serious impact on agriculture, their management should be addressed through education and capacity building initiatives. This project aims to increase awareness and education of nematodes ensuring that plant-parasitic nematodes are managed correctly and beneficial nematodes can be implemented as biocontrol organisms. Check back regularly for more media and publications from the Nemedussa project.



Publications and reports (pdf)

  • NEMEDUSSA Project Work Packages

    Overview of the project Work Packages.

  • Press Release NEMEDUSSA

    To be able to share information about the NEMEDUSSA project, this press release has been made available for download and distribution.

  • Flyer Nematology Seminar Day

    19 May 2021 at UGent

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