08augustus 2023

Celebrating graduating students from the Haramaya University NEMEDUSSA Student Club

On 20 July 2023, a prestigious farewell event was organized to celebrate the members of the NEMEDUSSA student club, as they were graduating in Plant Sciences from Haramaya University in Haramaya, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. These BSc students were the first cohort to benefit from the activities of the club and the NEMEDUSSA project. Under the leadership of Dr. Ashenafi Kassaye Gurmu, the students engaged in numerous activities to spread the word about nematology in their community and at the university. To close the year and celebrate the hard work of the students, they enjoyed a farewell programme and were awarded a participation certificate for their role in the club.

This prestigious function was attended the head of the school of Plant Sciences, the plant protection program coordinator, members of the staff of the school of Plant Sciences, and laboratory technicians. In addition to recognizing the participation of the student club members, the event was planned to enlighten the staff about the NEMEDUSSA project, by sharing information brochures, presentations and posters. It was very well received by everyone in attendance. Through this event and the other initiatives of the NEMEDUSSA student club, the role of nematodes in agriculture, as well as the potential of Nematology as a field of study within the school of Plant Sciences became clear.

The NEMEDUSSA student club members successfully graduated with a BSc in Plant Pathology on 22 July 2023.

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