03maart 2022

First Pan-African Nematology Network workshop held in Eldoret, Kenya

From 23-25 February 2022, the first PANEMA (Pan-African Nematology Network) workshop was held in Eldoret, Kenya. This workshop, hosted by Moi University, brought together more than one hundred trained nematologists, early-career researchers, students and plant doctors from across Africa and others working in agriculture and the field of nematology. For three days, participants were given the opportunity to attend lectures and engage with experts on various nematode-related topics. The hands-on workshop offered specialized training in the use of various equipment and scientific techniques,  while participants could also follow practical trainings in the field and in the laboratory.  The hands-on sessions were particularly appreciated by participants and illustrates the need for more specialized training and focused events for those working with nematodes.

PANEMA aims to promote networking and academic exchange between nematologists working in Africa. The focus of the network is on sharing good educational practices, creating and strengthening networks between HEIs and providing additional educational opportunities for those working in agriculture and nematology. This workshop was the first step in developing this network and has lain the groundwork for similar future events.  The next PANEMA workshop is planned for 2023 and will be held in South Africa. More information on this will be made available soon.  

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