09augustus 2023

KU Biology club spreading the news on nematodes to high school learners

In July 2023, Ms Joan Kioko, a Plant Pathology student from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, visited the Regis International School in Nairobi to teach the learners more about nematodes. Ms Kioko is the vice-chair of KU Biology Club. The KU Biology Club members are actively involved in dissemination about nematodes to their communities, by using amongst other materials the A-Z colouring book made available by the NEMEDUSSA project. The club members, all students currently on a long break, are working in different regions across Kenya to reach as many high school students as possible. The students of Regis International School were excited to see and learn about these special roundworms, and particularly enjoyed the videos on nematodes.

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