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12oktober 2022

Online Workshop - The Floor is Yours

10-12h CET | online

Create Scientific Posters With impact

For participants who were selected to present a poster during the 2nd PANEMA Workshop

When you go about a poster presentation the wrong way, your poster will drown amid the hundreds of others. You yourself will be utterly bored standing next to your poster twiddling your thumbs. But things can be different.

In this workshop we will walk you through the steps on how to build a scientific poster. One that is clear and engaging and will bring you and your audience the greatest value.

Among others, the workshop will discuss

  • How to grab the attention? (Why should the audience listen to you?)
  • Telling your story in 15 seconds.
  • How to structure your poster?
  • Getting a lengthy paper on a compact poster.
  • Examples of awesome research posters.
  • Where do you find professional images?
  • How to design a scientific poster.

About The Floor is Yours: In 2012 Toon Verlinden and Hans Van de Water set up The Floor is Yours to help scientists with presenting their research. They have since trained thousands of researchers in the techniques necessary to design and give effective (poster)presentations or pitches. Because ‘life is too short for bad presentations’, right?  

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