PANEMA 2024: programme for 3rd PANEMA workshop available

The programme for the next PANEMA workshop is now available. This workshop, the 3rd offered by the Pan-African Nematology Network, is scheduled to take place in Cotonou, Benin from 12-13 March 2024. This event will include training for farmers and extension workers, the popular expert market, field visits to farms as well as scientific training for students. Participants will receive training in nematode management, identification and symptoms and related topics. This workshop takes a more targeted approach and was specifically designed for West-African students, farmers, extension workers and nematologists. It takes place within the context of agroecological transition in SSA.

Unlike the previous two workshops, this PANEMA workshop will be held completely in French, to better serve the participants. The programme is available in French and English.

In French:

In English:

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