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06april 2021

Nematology Seminar Day 2021: Career Development and Soft Skills: What's after graduation in Nematology?

08:30 | Locatie, 9000 Gent

The Nematology Seminar Day on 19 May 2021 is annual event held by the Faculty of Science at UGent. In 2021, the topic is ‘Career Development and Soft Skills: What’s after graduation in Nematology?’, followed by a workshop on ‘Let’s talk Gender!’ for students of the course of the International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology (IMaNema). This Seminar Day is organised in the frame of the Summer Course: Networking & Seminars for the IMaNema students. Although the Seminar day is aimed at students, the session on ‘Career Development and Soft Skills: What’s after graduation in Nematology?’ is also open to the public and can be followed online.

The seminar kicks off by welcoming working nematologists and alumni of the MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology programme, who will share with students their professional and personal experiences of working in the field of nematology. Students are given the chance to engage with these researchers and explore the wide range of professional opportunities available to a trained nematologist, while also being made aware of challenges others in this field have faced.

For more information, take a look at the flyer – To participate in this seminar and to receive the link, please register at eventmanager.ugent.be/nemaseminar. For more information about IMaNema, please see the website of the IMaNEma programme, www.imanema.ugent.be

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